Monday, November 5, 2018

Attorney General & Insurance Commissioner - super exciting stuff!

I began my research on this race with the state's website for the Office of Attorney General. Check it out for yourself here. This person is basically the governor's legal adviser and I'm going to go ahead and remind you that this is definitely a stepping stone position for bigger and better political jobs. 

We have two candidates: Chris Carr and Charlie Bailey

Both candidates agree that human trafficking and opioid abuse are big problems in Georgia. Bailey promises to defend affordable healthcare which is a deciding point for me. Bailey has a rather impressive list of endorsements on his page that includes fifteen sheriffs and even more representatives. Carr also has a list of endorsements on his page and he actually has even more sheriffs on board than Bailey. I think it's interesting that both candidates have lists of endorsements as I haven't noticed this feature on any other candidate's website. 

Overall, I get the feeling that Carr and I have some philosophical differences, although it's hard to tell when reading his bio page...there's a lot of noise and accolades that drown out what this guy really thinks. I'm going with, Bailey, the new guy in this race.

----'s a party up in here! 

The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner licenses and regulates insurance companies; ensures that insurance rates, rules, and forms comply with state law; investigates suspicions of insurance fraud; and conducts inspections of buildings and houses to prevent fire outbreak.

We actually have three choices in this race: Jim Beck, Janice Laws, Donnie Foster

As in other races, Atlanta Magazine compiled questions and answers from these candidates. Check out their article here.

I'm not about Beck's in-your-face Christian Conservative rhetoric, but his stance on the issues he's most interested in make sense. Laws makes a good case for herself having worked in the insurance industry for many years. Foster's bio leaves a lot to be desired and he doesn't appear to have a current job, but he clearly wants to make insurance more affordable for Georgians. 

Thank goodness for the Atlanta Magazine article (see link above). Foster only submitted an answer to one question and he ended by saying he would shut the office down if elected because there were other offices that could handle the responsibilities of Insurance Commissioner. It's an interesting stance to want to get elected so you can get rid of the office you ran for. Although I can't exactly argue against shutting down this office, it may be a bit rash to promise to eliminate it altogether.


Hallelujah. I'm done with my research. This has been an interesting project. I can't say that I look forward to doing it again, but I will. I will continue to research candidates and do my best to make informed decisions based on the information available from the candidates as well as other articles. 

Solicitor General - Gwinnett County; Board of Ed - District 2 Educator vs. NONeducator

From the Solicitor's website:

The Gwinnett County Solicitor’s Office is responsible for the prosecution of all State misdemeanor crimes in the State Court of Gwinnett County and all County ordinance violations (including traffic citations) in the Recorder’s Court of Gwinnett County.

Two candidates: Rosanna Szabo and Brian Whiteside 

Why can't I find a website for Whiteside?? I found an article from the Gwinnett Daily Post that talks about both candidates, but surely Whiteside has a dedicated webpage somewhere. Maybe not...I found this site that lists all of the candidates for races in Gwinnett County and all this fellow has is a Facebook page. Seriously. My elementary students could design a basic webpage. How are you going to say you're running for office and not have a dang webpage where people can find out about your beliefs and qualifications? 

I read through Szabo's page and found nothing particularly out of line. Case closed.


On to Gwinnett District 2 Board of Education candidates: Wandy Taylor and Steve Knudsen.

OMG. In this race we have an EDUCATOR with her doctorate running against a guy who doesn't describe any type of work experience on his website. He's a dad of kids who have attended Gwinnett Public Schools. He says vague things about common core so here we have another non-educator talking about things out of his realm of experience. First of all, we don't use the official Common Core standards in Georgia and although I don't teach in Gwinnett County, I do know that they have their own set of additional standards or learning targets. So basically, what Knudsen is saying he'll work on has already been resolved.

So you can vote for Wandy who has spent her career working in public schools or you can vote for Steve who's job status is unclear. Am I beginning to sound cynical?? 

House of Reps & Senate - two blogs for the price of one.

I'm going to knock this one out real quick. I've been receiving Jody Hice's propaganda-laden newsletters ever since I took to writing him regularly to tell him how disappointed I've been in various decisions he's made. He and I don't see eye to eye on any issues. His newsletters make me ill to read and his formulaic intern-authored replies anger me. So boom. No Jody for me.

I did, however, take time to surf around on Johnson-Green's website because I will not blindly vote for anyone this year. (I have in the past.) I was pleased to see that she is supporting common-sense gun laws - please go read her stance - she says nothing about taking 'yer guns away. I also love that she's a proponent for affordable college for every student regardless of background. Another issue that she and I totally agree upon is working on electoral form including un-gerrymandering districts that have been drawn up to serve one party over another.

Go check out both candidates - make your choice.

Two candidates: Jody Hice vs. Tabitha Johnson-Green


Might as well knock out another couple candidates in the same blog. Who's excited about our choices for senator of the 45th district?

Two candidates: Renee Unterman and Jana Rodgers

Interestingly, both of these candidates work or have worked in the medical field. Unterman lost me with her vague "sanctity of life" stance...I'm not really sure what she's talking about. It may be unfair to assume she's pro-life, but without further information I am wary. There really isn't much in the way of information regarding her "stances" on her website. 

Jumping over to Rodgers' site I was interested to read her page on why she's running. She commended Unterman for her year's of service and then ever-so-politely threw her under the bus for a couple pieces of legislation that Unterman opposed (access to cannabis for certain medical conditions and pursuing justice for rape victims). I particularly love Rodgers' stance on getting money out of politics. She has paid for her campaign out of her own pocket. 

Do you research - vote for the candidate who speaks for you!