Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teachers Write, Day Two - Seeing through a child's eyes

Today's assignment is to take an event from childhood and write about it. I chose something that happened to me in elementary school. 
A class at my elementary school...see the doors?! Every classroom had 2 that opened directly outside!

The Errand

I shuffle step across the hot playground back towards Mrs. Sonty's classroom. The sun is reflecting off the classroom doors...most of them anyways...some have been replaced by plexiglass which is all scratched up now from all the taping and untaping of our work on the door.

I'm the messenger because I'm a good kid. Plus my mom works at the school, but she's in the special education classroom so I'll never have her as a teacher. Fine by me. I get to grade papers for her in the afternoon sometimes and the work they do in there sure looks fun. Not like the purple-ink timed math tests we take in regular third grade.

I avoid the largest cracks in the pavement to save my mother from back aches. I'm a good kid.

The playground between the third grade wing and library wing is the largest at our school. We're lucky because we have three playgrounds and get two recesses a day. This playground is empty right now though so I'm crunching across the gravelly parts of the playground near the hopscotch grid alone.

I'm not excited to get back to class even though it is hot outside. CRACK!

A door flies open and Mrs. Sonty instantly focuses on me. Panic hits my stomach as I put the sharp sound of a rock hitting glass together with where I am and where my feet are and what has happened. It was an accident! I am a good kid.

She is not happy. Brows furrowed behind big glasses. She is as surprised as I am.

I can't exactly say it wasn't me. It was. But it was an accident. Absent-minded feet shuffling across a gravelly playground. If only my feet had the kind of talent that could shoot a rock with dead true accuracy into a classroom door....but they don't. I can barely even kick a giant playground ball when it's rolling directly at my foot.

We trudge into the classroom together. Steaming mad teacher, remorseful good kid. I don't think I convinced her.

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