Sunday, April 15, 2012

To Facebook, or Not To Facebook

Guess who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? And so here is where I take out my frustrations on Facebook and some of its users. Look away while you can...I'm warning may dislike this post.

One of my biggest gripes is that because of Facebook's ever-changing settings I cannot adequately control what shows up on my timeline. Last year I began 'friending' former students and I love that I can keep in touch with them. The problem is that they fill my page with their adolescent-ness. Bless their hearts - I love 'em, but daggone it I DO NOT want to grow tomatoes, collect weapons, or earn jewels in any way shape or form. I'm also not going to click "Like" to see how I'll die or who I'll marry or to find out how to kiss. (When I was a  kid we handled all this business in person or with paper notes that went only to a handful of people.)

Related to the student problem is the fact that when I comment on anyone's status, depending on how they've set their privacy, anyone may be able to see the comment and the original post. This is highly suspect to me. I do not post controversial pictures or status updates, however I sometimes comment on friends who do. I do not like relying on others to protect the privacy of my comments. Because I'm friends with students they may see my comments and thus the original, possibly inappropriate posts. Not good.

I have too many 'friends' on Facebook whose daily business I do not care to know about. I wish Facebook was more like Twitter so that people who wanted to see my posts could see them, but in return I wouldn't be subjected to their posts - unless I chose to be. And yes, I am aware that I can 'hide' people, but that only works from my lappy and I generally check Facebook through my phone.....arrrgghhh....another reason to be features on the mobile version.

I am irritated by people who post updates that are cryptic and clearly meant for a limited audience. Such as, 'Great time last night! I can't believe we got in.' Get a clue - that's a message for a limited audience, not a status update. I get irritated when I read posts about an event that excluded me. I feel irritated in general looking at the silly stuff people post. I do not care what you had for dinner unless it's something special or different. BTW, pot roast at home doesn't qualify unless you never cook and Bobby Flay visited your home to personally cook your dinner. 

I'm not a Grammar Goddess, but the daily barrage of spelling & grammar errors irritates me. 

Or how about the posts that ask you to pray for someone and yet the post doesn't say why or what's up. What if some of these prayer requests could be answered if the person was more specific?? Like, "Pray for my friend she has a rare form of hair cancer"...and then whatdya know I have a best friend who just happens to specialize in hair cancer research?? Instead of praying for your friend I could actually hook her up with a person or resources here on earth that could help her.

So, step one is to go on a Facebook Fast. For the next week starting NOW I will not log into or otherwise check Facebook. From there I'll decide whether to resume my relationship with it or to delete it all together. 

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